Biogenesis continues to innovate and implements a truck to distribute its Cow Guard® product and avoid plastics in dairies.

A company that surprised the dairy market by creating an efficient breast antiseptic based on copper nanoparticles, has now implemented a delivery system that, among other advantages, can avoid the accumulation of more than 60 tons of plastic in a year.

10 years later, the company located in Osorno is present in many important dairies, with its star product Cow Guard®, the only one of its kind in the world, patented as an original innovation and with successful results, as Patricio Martin explains, in whose farm in Cocule, part of the Río Bueno municipality, the first tests of the product were carried out. “We are very satisfied, we have done very well, so it is to the credit of the company Biogenesis for what it is doing today”.

In 2011, Biogenesis Animal Health revolutionized the dairy market with the development of a line of products based on copper nanoparticles, applied to the cows’ udder throughout the dairy production cycle, preventing diseases, mainly mastitis.

The dairy farmer indicated that “12 or 13 years ago the tests (of Cow Guard®) began with our dairy cows, for about two to tow and a half years, before going to market”.

For his part, the veterinarian Jorge González, Development Manager of Biogenesis Animal Health, explained that, like hundreds of Cow Guard® users, the Rio Buen’o’s dairy has maintained healthy animals in terms of mammary health and from the first minute has used this product in 100% of its herd.

Biogenesis Animal Health Truck


But Biogenesis surprised again with another innovation, this time to the product distribution process, by means of a tank truck, which allows to deliver the exact doses of Cow Guard® directly to the dairies. “It is a distributor truck with a flow management that delivers exact volumes,” Jorge González explained to Diario Lechero.

The veterinarian highlighted that this method of bulk distribution allows the use of plastic to be reduced by more than 60 tons per year. “The message is to take care of our environment and create a sustainable production system,” he stressed.

Another good news for Biogenesis Animal Heath is the certification granted to Cow Guard® by the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) as an organic product due to the biodegradable nature of all its components.

April 30, 2021