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Cow Guard® Dry Cow, an antibiotic-free product of mineral origin.


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Cow Guard® Vaca Seca, a mineral, organic product, does not contain toxic substances (NPEs).

Cow Guard Vaca Seca®, complies with all current requirements for the use of bovine products thanks to its mineral composition, 100% organic and free of all types of toxins that can affect production, quality and consumption.

How it works:
1.- Alters the cell wall of bacteria.
2.- Generates an oxidative stress, producing H2O2 causing bacterial death.
3.- Interferes in the DNA, RNA chain of the bacteria.

1.- Kills all types of bacteria.
2.- Protects for more than 3 weeks the nipple duct.
3.- Unique external sealant to protect the integrity of the nipple duct tissue.
4.- Possesses the ability to regenerate wounded tissue.

Patented product, 100% Chilean.