Since 2011, Biogenesis Animal Health has provided innovative answers to the productive and environmental problems observed in the growth of dairy farming in Chile and the world. Our constant research has allowed us to develop innovative and effective products that are friendly to animals, people and the environment.

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Average results of Our Clients:


Lower incidence of clinical mastitis


Reduced mastitis treatment costs


Reduced losses associated with cow death and removal due to production problems and mastitis


Less discarded milk


Less loss of milk quality bonus

Rapid teat regeneration and protection

Made in Chile

Codelco and Biogenesis Animal Health signed an alliance that developed ‘Cow Guard®’, a line of products with copper particles that are applied to cows’ udders throughout the dairy production cycle, preventing diseases.

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We have grown together with the “Cow Guard” products from Biogenesis, and I must point out that the first empirical trials began here, to be followed by scientific studies and therefore, scale it up within this market.
We are confident in these products, they’ve  been able to control the bacteria that cause mastitis. Since then (5 years ago), we’ve been improving the quality of our milk’s hygienic.
Our counts, in the middle of winter, never exceed 120,000 somatic cells with only one case of clinical mastitis per month. We use practically no antibiotics during lactation. We always focus on prevention and Cow Guard proves its effectiveness.

Patricio Martín P.

Colun produce. M.V., Chinchinco Farm

I have been using Cow Guard products for 6 years. Since I started I’ve never used antibiotics for mastitis treatment, keeping udder skin condition of my cows. I have had a good result with my selective dry-off therapy which I started in November 2019 using CowGuard’s Dry Cow (Vaca Seca) and using Copper Guard for hoot treatments having excellent results.

Óscar Daniel L.

Colun producer, Cuncumén Farm